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Etterspill / Postlude

Etterspill / Postlude

Eva Ljosvoll
Monster Truck Temple Bar
1st July, 9:30 pm - 12th July, 12:00 am

Video projection every night till 11th of July.

Etterspill / Postlude is a moment prolonged.

Time is opening up and a place or a time to dwell is created. All is contained in the work, and there is no before or after, crucial to the meaning of the work. The ever changing lighting situation of the island is contrasted by the constant midday lighting of the ocean, where it is placed. The two different lighting situations are the central elements of the work.

The actual videoimage consists of both video and photo material. It shows an Island laying by it self before the horizon. The sky consists of a white field. The sea has constant lighting conditions, lightly clouded in the middle of the day. The sea is a bit rough with quite a few waves. Down in the foreground one can barely see light stones through the water where the shore begins. The lightning conditions on the island are shifting constantly, from light day till night. In between night and day the light is sometimes also quite strange and full of contrast. The fact that the island consists of photographs is possible to see, but it doesn’t appear obvious. It is integrated in the ocean so that it looks quite realistic.

The situation is impossible, but one easily incorporates the two different elements and reads the image to show a real island with the ocean surrounding it. The strangeness is mainly observed unconsciously and is creating for some people a rather eerie atmosphere. There exists no such place. Rather it could be the archetype island.

There are connotations referring to classical painting such as Arnhold Böchlins ”Todes Insel”, and the point of view with the subjective gaze on nature is typical romantic. The format used in this work is the classical portrait format. This can lead the thoughts to maybe the island represents an individual, maybe it is symbolically in place of a person.

The artist Eva Ljosvoll mainly works with recorded ”real” images that she animates afterwards. This might be referred to not virtual reality, but rather the opposite.
The creation of an illusion that there is something real represented in the image, and then the move to break this illusion, is also a tactic the artist often uses. The void when the reality breaks is used to create a space or time to dwell in. Nothing exists but existence.

The subjective experience of time is one of the artist’s main subjects. The personal experience of time is something very characteristic of a person’s state of mind. Different layers of time existing simultaneously are part of this subjective time experience. Memories exist simultaneously with the present.
Like the French philosopher Henri Bergson said: ”Time is the force that creates everything”.

Etterspill / Postlude is a continuous videoimage consisting of a two minutes loop, without sound.

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Monster Truck Temple Bar
4 Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Opening hours Tuesday to Saturday 12-6pm

Dates 1st July, 9:30 pm - 12th July, 12:00 am
Price FREE

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