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Homeless Gallery

Homeless Gallery

Selected Artists
D-Light Studios
4th July, 10:00 am - 7th July, 3:00 pm

The launch of the Homeless Gallery will be at 6pm on Sunday 4th of July
The whole idea of the HOMELESS GALLERY is that there are no entry criteria. ‘Homeless Gallery’ is open to all artists. What is eventually shown during an exhibition depends solely on the participants own self-censorship. We do not pick the participants everybody can show their work: star photographers, professionals, those just starting in photography, students and amateurs. We do not select their work either - we have no demands as to subject, technique, format or number of photographs shown. The photographs themselves can be shown in gilt frames, or just prints stuck on the wall.
The opening of the ‘Homeless Gallery’ will be on the 4th of July at 11.00am. On 3rd of July all the participants arrive with their photographs and an assortment of equipment needed to hang them. Everybody then finds a piece of wall for themselves (or ceiling, or floor), and hangs their work. All sorts of unconventional forms of display are welcome.
THE HOMELESS GALLERY exists to enable everybody to show their work publicly, those who for various reasons would have no chance to show their work to the world. It is for those who cannot afford a prestigious gallery, and for those who would never even think of doing so. Its a chance to be noticed for photography students, and those just entering photography. For professionals, it s a chance of showing some of their more personal work that never finds its way into their commercial portfolios. For amateurs its a chance of showing their work to people other than their nearest family and friends. For those who are shy, it s a chance to pull out those photographs hidden away in drawers.
The idea of the HOMELESS GALLERY is to be a showcase as well as a cyclical photographic event. Coming to the Gallery means that everybody can see what’s hot in the world of photography; they can meet the authors and talk with them, and maybe even buy a photograph. For the photographers themselves it s a chance to get to know each other, thus further integrating the photography environment.
Why HOMELESS? - because it has no permanent address; it appears for a short while, after which it disappears, only to reappear again in a completely different place. It appears wherever a place becomes available that can give photography a home for a short while.

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Curated by D-Light Studios

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Event info

D-Light Studios
46 North Great Clarence Street, Dublin 1

Phone +353 1 4304905
Opening hours Sunday 11am-9pm; reception 6pm and Mon-Wed 11am-6pm
Dates 4th July, 10:00 am - 7th July, 3:00 pm
Price €10 per participant - FREE to visit

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