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Official Opening of PhotoIreland 2010

Official Opening of PhotoIreland 2010

Open to everyone
Meeting House Square
1st July, 7:00 pm

From 6pm on the 1st of July, enjoy the coordinated opening of 8 exhibitions in Temple bar:
- The Gift, by Girogia Fiorio at The Gallery of Photography.
- Fragments From a Broken World, by kennardphillipps, Sean Hillen at The National Photographic Archive.
- Inspiration, by Perry Ogden, David Bailey, August Sander, Roger Mayne, Gilles Peress, Donovan Wylie, Alan MacWeeney, and Paul Kranzler, at The Sebastian Guinness Gallery.
- America, by Deirdre Brennan at The Sycamore Club Gallery.
- Kleinburger. New Photography and Video from Austria, by Gianmaria Gava, Harald Hund & Paul Horn, by Paul Kranzler at Exchange Dublin.
- 360 degrees, by Ruben Ochoa at The Smock Alley Boy’s School.
- Demise en Scène, by Michael Boran and Ethna O’Regan at The Monster Truck Gallery Temple Bar.
- Thrown at the Wall. PhotoIreland Projections, a view on contemporary photography at CityArts, 15 Bachelors Walk.

At 8pm, come to the Meeting House Square and join us on the official opening of PhotoIreland 2010, from The Ark stage. We will present the programme and highlights, and enjoy a relaxed time with all the participant venues and artists. Bring your camera!

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Meeting House Square
Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Dates 1st July, 7:00 pm
Price FREE

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