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PhotoIreland Workshop 4/4

PhotoIreland Workshop 4/4

Open to everyone
Gallery of Photography
11th July, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

PhotoIreland has developed a range of 4 workshops labeled 4/4.
Imagine the creative practice going in a full circle - from the initial idea conception, to the research process through to image production, image editing, and the final post-production. In many cases, the final product can initiate ideas for a new project which in turn informs future work.

Workshops are divided up in to four stages, allowing participants to engage with a curator, a professional photographer, a photo editor and a post-producer, while those participating can choose a stage which most closely relates to their working stage. Developed to facilitate small groups of 6, these workshops will offer an opportunity to learn from fellow peers while at the same time providing a framework for participants to advance their own skills.

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Definition of Workshops

Curatorial Session

The Curatorial Session has been developed for photographers and image based artists to further explore the conceptual questions that their works attempt to address. The sessions are divided into basic and advanced to suit all levels. We highly recommend amateur photographers to benefit from this inexpensive chance to strengthen a critical approach to their practice and enhance their photographic practice.
Basic and advanced workshops will be held at The Complex, Smithfield. The advanced session will be given by Sally Timmons

Sally Timmons is an artist and curator based in Dublin city. Using research-based photography, moving image and drawing, Timmons has involved herself in collaborative endeavour through various associations with artist - led groups such as, Via, The Moore Street Lending Library, Pallas Heights and Projector Collective - all based in Dublin along with Human Resources in Galway, Platform in Finland and N55 in Denmark. Timmons is founder of Commonplace Artist’s Studios in Dublin’s city centre and is currently developing a number of independent curatorial ventures including Commonplace Amateur Projects (since September 2007) Rigor Mort book and touring exhibition (Basement Gallery Dundalk and Castle Ellen House in Athenry 2007) and The Temporary Collection exhibition and website (Castletown House, December 2007). The exhibition - Based On Our Current Science - curated by Timmons will open in Dublin’s Gallery of Photography in Autumn 2008.

Professional Photographer Session

While there is a tendency towards a techno-centric focus on Photography, it is of utmost importance to possess a wide knowledge of photographic techniques, and the correct use of the camera. The professional photographer invited to the session will cover some basics, and explore ways to develop your creativity. You are invited to bring your equipment with you and to raise any questions you may have.
Basic and advanced workshops will be held at The Complex, Smithfield.
The basic session will be delivered by Steven Nestor from Whitebeam School of Photography. Steven Nestor graduated from the Dublin Institute of Technology’s four year BA in photography in 2009 with first class honours in photographic practice. He previously obtained an honour’s degree in history and German from UCD. In addition to his academic record he has over eight years of teaching experience from DIT to the International Labour Organisation. In September 2009 he founded Whitebeam’s Photography and Portfolio course with Rob O’Connor.

The advanced session will be given by Richard Mosse. Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1980, Richard grew up in County Kilkenny. Following a BA in English Literature, Mosse studied at Goldsmiths, London, before earning an MFA from Yale School of Art. His work has been exhibited at the Akademie der Kunst, The Aperture Foundation, Barbican Art Gallery, Houston’s Fotofest 2010 Biennial, Musee d’Elysee, Storefront for Art + Architecture, and Tate Modern. It has been reviewed in Artforum, Art in America, Art Review, Frieze and Source. His work has been acquired by the Martin Z Margulies Collection, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and others. He lives in New York City and is represented by Jack Shainman Gallery. Mosse won the Ormeau Baths Gallery Perspective Award in 2005 and was awarded the Leonore Annenberg Fellowship (2008-2010).

Photo Editing Session with Jackie Nickerson

One of the key moments during the production of a body of work is the editing.  The number of shots a photographer is dealing with can often be overwhelming.  As the practice matures, a photographer will develop an austerity in shot numbers and a streamlined workflow. However, good editing will always be necessary. The editing facilitates a strong body of work, succinct, precise. In this workshop we will learn what matters to consider in the editing process, and how choices alter the final meaning being constructed.
The workshop will be held at The Lightroom, Gallery of Photography.

Jackie Nickerson is a photography based visual artist. In 2008 she was the winner of the AIB prize and has been short listed for the Deutscher Fotobuchpreis award (2008) and nominated for several prestigious prizes such as the Becks Futures Award (2003). Her work is represented in many important public and private collections including the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Santa Barbara Museum and the Irish Museum of Modern Art. In September 2002, Jonathan Cape published ‘FARM’, a book of portraits of farm workers taken all over southern Africa and in 2007 SteidlMACK published ‘Faith’ which captures Catholic religious communities in Ireland.

Post-Producing Session with Colin Farrell

Once the final works that comprise a project have been identified, further work on the final images is required - to leave them print ready and to make sure they adhere to the highest standards of quality. In some cases it could be a matter of removing an annoying object, fixing levels, resolving a good colour balance, etc. depending on your practice. A good overall knowledge of image editing softwares like Photoshop is a must. In this workshop we will cover some basic and advanced techniques that will help you dealing with recurrent issues.
The workshop will be held at The Lightroom, Gallery of Photography.

Colin Farrell is a freelance image editor/retoucher based in Dublin.  He has over 13 years experience working in the photographic industry, both in professional labs and photographic studios.  He has worked with Photoshop throughout that time since version 4.


The schedule of workshops has been set as follows:

PhotoIreland Workshop 1/4
Thursday 8th 10am-1pm: Curatorial Session Basic
Thursday 8th 2pm-5pm: Professional Photographer Session Basic

PhotoIreland Workshop 2/4
Friday 9th 10am-1pm: Curatorial Session Advanced
Friday 9th 2pm-5pm: Professional Photographer Session Advanced

PhotoIreland Workshop 3/4
Saturday 10th 2pm-5pm: Photo Editing Session

PhotoIreland Workshop 4/4
Sunday 11th 2pm-5pm: Post-Producing Session

Payment Options

To secure a place in a workshop, please proceed with your booking by one of these 2 options:
- Producing a payment at the Gallery of Photography to one of the PhotoIreland Volunteers behind the counter. payment should be made 2 days in advanced at the latest.
- Paying online with Paypal:

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